Convert Date and Time to New Timezone


Ken Kundert





A simple command-line utility for converting a date and time to a new timezone.


> totz tomorrow 1pm MST
given  : Saturday 10 December 2016, 1:00pm -07:00 (MST).
desired: Saturday 10 December 2016, 12:00pm -08:00 (US/Pacific), in a day.

> totz 1969 July 20 13:32:00 UTC
given  : Sunday 20 July 1969, 1:32pm +00:00 (UTC).
desired: Sunday 20 July 1969, 6:32am -07:00 (US/Pacific), 47 years ago.

> totz --to est today 4pm local
given  : Friday 9 December 2016, 4:00pm -08:00 (US/Pacific).
desired: Friday 9 December 2016, 7:00pm -05:00 (EST), in 3 hours.

> totz -t America/Chicago mon 9am local
given  : Monday 12 December 2016, 9:00am -08:00 (US/Pacific).
desired: Monday 12 December 2016, 11:00am -06:00 (America/Chicago), in 2 days.

Use ‘tzselect’ (a shell command) for help with finding the names of timezones.


mytz [options] [--] <specification>...


-t TZ, --to TZ   Convert to specified timezone.

The specification must include a date, a time, and a timezone.

You can specify the date with the following formats:

YYYY-M-D, ex. 1969-07-20
YYMMDD, ex. 690720
YY MMM D, ex. 69 Jul 20
YY MMMM D, ex. 69 July 20
YYYY MMM D, ex. 1969 Jul 20
YYYY MMMM D, ex. 1969 July 20
today, given literally, this represents today
tomorrow, given literally, this represents tomorrow
DOW, ex. Mon, represents the next upcoming Monday (cannot be today)

You can specify the time with the following formats:

hA, ex. 1PM or 1pm
h:mmA, ex. 1:30PM, 1:30pm
h:mm A, ex. 1:30 PM, 1:30 pm
h:mm:ssA, ex. 1:30:00PM, 1:30:00pm
h:mm:ss A, ex. 1:30:00 PM, 1:30:00 pm
HH:mm, ex. 13:00
HH:mm:ss, ex. 13:00:00

You can specify the timezone with the following formats:

ZZZ, ex. MST or US/Central or America/Phoenix
Z, ex. 0700 or 0700-
local, given literally, this represents local timezone

You can specify the timezone as a negative offset in two ways. One way is to place the sign after the offset to avoid the offset from being confused as an option. The other way is to terminate the option processing by placing ‘–’ before the specification.


Clone from GitHub with:

git clone

Then install with:

cd totz
pip install . --user

Requires Python3.4 or later.

Released: 2020-08-05
Version: 1.3.2