Engineering Calculator

This calculator is noteworthy in that it employs a stack model of computation (Reverse Polish Notation), it supports numbers with SI scale factors and units, and uses a text-only user interface.

You can find the documentation on ReadTheDocs.

You can download and install the latest stable version of the code from PyPI using:

pip3 install --user --upgrade engineering_calculator

You can find the latest development version of the source code on Github.

Once installed you can run the calculator as follows:

> ec
0: 5V                 # enter 5 V to start computation
5 V: 4.7k 6.8k ||     # compute parallel combination of 4.7kΩ & 6.8kΩ
2.7791k: /            # divide voltage by resistance
1.7991m: "A"          # Add units to make result more presentable
1.7991 mA:

This evaluates the following expression: 5V/(4.7k || 6.8k) “A”.