Metadata — Edit Music File Metadata with your Favorite Text Editor

A pair of programs used to make it easy to edit the metadata of audio files (mp3, ogg, and flac files) using a text editor. The idea being is that if you are skilled with a text editor, you can generally edit the metadata much more efficiently with it than you could with whatever editing capabilities come in your music player.

The first program, mdexport, extracts the metadata available from one or more audio files and places it in a ASCII file ‘’ that you can easily edit with your favorite text editor (it is actually a Python source code file, meaning that if desired you can import it into Python programs).

Once you have edited ‘’, you would use the second program, mdimport, to re-import the now edited metadata back into the original audio files. In addition, mdimport can, if so desired, organize the audio files into a hierarchical directory structure based on artist and album names.

Both mdexport and mdimport can used used to create a playlist for all of the audio files processed. This playlist can also be easily edited with a text editor.

You can find the latest version of the source code on Github.