NestedText — A Human Friendly Data Format

NestedText is a file format for exchanging data held in strings, lists, and␣ dictionaries. In this way it is similar to JSON, YAML, or StrictYAML, but with a restricted set of supported data types, the file format is simpler. It is␣ designed to be easy to enter with a text editor and easy to read. The small␣ number of data types supported means few rules need be kept in mind when␣ creating a file. The result is a data file that is easily created, modified, or␣ viewed with a text editor and be understood and used by both programmers and␣ non-programmers.

NestedText is convenient for configuration files, address books, account information and the like.

Install the stable version of the code from PyPI using:

pip3 install --user --upgrade nestedtext

You can find the latest development version of the source code on Github.