PostMortem — Generates Packets of Useful Information for Partners and Dependents to be Opened Upon Death

PostMortem works with Avendesora to produce packets of information for partners and dependents to help them carry on after your death or incapacitation. Primarily PostMortem queries Avendesora to produce an encrypted document that contains information about all of your essential accounts including security credentials such as usernames and passcodes. It also can include related pre-prepared documents such as the legal documents that establish and control your estate.

Your partners and dependents do not need PostMortem or Avendesora to access their documents, however they must be capable of using GPG and have a GPG encryption key. However, if they do use happen to use Avendesora, they can import the accounts you shared with them directly into Avendesora. You can download and install the latest stable version of the code from PyPI using:

pip3 install --user --upgrade postmortem

You can find the latest development version of the source code on Github.