Avendesora Collaborative Password Utility

Avendesora is powerful password utility that can store or generate your passwords and produce them from the command line. It can also be configured to autotype your username and password into the current window so that you can log in with a simple keystroke. A particular strength of Avendesora relative to all other password utilities is that allows groups of people to share passwords without actually passing the passwords between them. It is built on a foundation of GnuPG and Python, so it provides the ultimate in security and flexibility.

Avendesora is the next generation of Abraxas. Avendesora is reasonably stable and considerably more powerful than Abraxas, so if you are an Abraxas user you should start considering a move to Avendesora. The only new functionality that has been added to Abraxas recently is the ability to export your accounts to Avendesora (abraxas --export).

You can find the documentation on ReadTheDocs. You can download and install the latest stable version of the code from PyPI using:

pip3 install --user --upgrade avendesora

You can find the latest development version of the source code on Github.