Remind - Schedule Notification Reminders

Ken Kundert





Remind schedules notification reminders. You can specify the time either using a specific time, such as 3:30pm, or you can specify it by the time from now in minutes or hours, or you can use both. So, you can say:

remind 4pm

remind 4pm -15m

remind 10m

In the first case the reminder goes off at 4pm, in the second it goes off at 3:45pm, and in the third it goes off in 10 minutes. When the time expires a notification is raised. You can specify the message in the notification using the -m or –msg option. Or you can add the message after specifying the time. Any argument that cannot be processed as a time switches the argument processing from time to message, and all subsequent arguments are taken to be part of the message:

remind 1h meet Maria

You can specify the time from now using seconds, minutes, hours, etc. For example:

remind 3h 15m

You can use noon and midnight as aliases for 12PM and 12AM.

When specifying the time of day, you can use the following formats:

'h:mm:ss A': ex. 1:30:00 PM, 1:30:00 pm
'h:mm:ssA': ex. 1:30:00PM, 1:30:00pm
'h:mm A': ex. 1:30 PM, 1:30 pm
'h:mmA': ex. 1:30PM, 1:30pm
'hA': ex. 1PM or 1pm
'HH:mm:ss': ex. 13:00:00
'HH:mm': ex. 13:00

You can use pip to install the program:

pip3 install --user schedule-reminder