Emborg — Front-End to Borg Backup

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Ken Kundert





Emborg is a simple command line utility to orchestrate backups. It is built as a front-end to Borg, a powerful and fast deduplicating backup program. With Emborg, you specify all the details about your backups once in advance, and then use a very simple command line interface for your day-to-day activities. The details are contained in ~/.config/emborg. That directory contains a file (settings) that contains shared settings, and then another file for each backup configuration you have.

Use of Emborg does not preclude the use of Borg directly on the same repository. The philosophy of Emborg is to provide commands that you would use often and in an interactive manner with the expectation that you would use Borg directly for the remaining commands.

An alternative to Emborg is Borgmatic. It seems largely focused on the archive creation process and offers little for the other management tasks such as monitoring (due, list, manifest), restoration (extract, restore, mount), and maintenance (check, prune). borgmatic recently added support for the Borg extract command.

Getting Help

You can find the documentation on ReadTheDocs.

The help command provides information on how to use Avendesora’s various features. To get a listing of the topics available, use:

emborg help

Then, for information on a specific topic use:

emborg help <topic>

It is worth browsing all of the available topics at least once to get a sense of all that Emborg can do.