Avendesora Export — Exports Selected Accounts to a Remote Host

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Author: Ken Kundert
Version: 0.1
Released: 2022-11-01
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Avendesora Export creates Avendesora account files on remote machines that contain selected accounts. This allows you to use Avendesora on satellite hosts without maintaining two independent databases of account information. Simply install Avendesora on both your primary and satellite machines. Keep all, or at least most, of your accounts on your primary machine and configure Avendesora Export to manage the satellites. It needs to know the hostname, the path to the accounts file, the encryption keys, and the accounts you wish to export to each satellite.

For example, imagine owning a laptop, which is your primary machine, a media machine for watching videos and listening to music, and a server that contains your Bitcoin node. Assuming Avendesora is already installed on your laptop and contains all of your accounts, install Avendesora Export on your laptop and add the following file to ~/.config/avendesora-export/config.nt:

    dest: media:.config/avendesora/imported.gpg
    gpg id: D790CFBA20343D0E
        - Netflix
        - YouTubeTV
        - Hulu
        - HBO
        - Disney
        - Spotify

    dest: server:.config/avendesora/imported.gpg
    gpg id: D790CFBA20343D0E
        - BitcoinRPC

Then, running:

avendesora-export media

exports the selected accounts to your media machine. It can be run from any directory on your laptop.

Be aware that an export simply overwrites the previously exported accounts file. You should not manually add accounts to a exported accounts file. If you would like accounts that are only local to the satellite host, simply add them to its accounts.gpg file. When you first export a file to a host, you need to add the name of that file to the accounts_files list in ~/.config/avendesora/accounts_files.

You should also be aware that the exported secrets are frozen, meaning that any generated secrets that are exported are converted to remembered secrets on the satelite.


Latest Development Version
Version: 0.1
Released: 2022-11-01